We Support Independent Schools

FastDirect Communications provides a school information system and personalized support program to help private and parochial schools. We take pride in delivering the support you need to accomplish your goals and to focus on your passion for educating the whole child.


Our comprehensive support results in the seamless implementation of your FastDirect Communications SIS. On-site training ensures your entire staff is competent and confident to use FastDirect Communications to its fullest! We see each school as important and are excited to make a difference.


We have created software that is affordable, mobile friendly, and most importantly, user friendly! FastDirect Communications handles the managed hosting, backup of data, secure encryption, and continual technological upgrades. We free you of those costly and time consuming tasks.


Private email with convenient notification options as well as an emergency broadcast feature keeps your staff and families connected and informed. Parents and guardians can easily access online grade reports, school calendars, and teacher web pages, on any computer, tablet or mobile device!


FastDirect Communications provides all the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently run your elementary school, preschool, and daycare. All of our features, such as Timer, Tuition/Finance, Cafeteria, and Nurse to name a few, are included at the same low cost giving you the freedom to gradually implement features or jump in with both feet at once.

Free Classroom Posters

Have fun decorating your classroom with these inspirational and free printables.

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Streamlined Data Management

See how the FastDirect SIS will empower your school.

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FastDirect Communications SIS Features

The Best School Information System for Elementary Schools, Preschools, and Daycares


Our Customers Love Us

Our personalized services ensure your success in implementing a new technology. Also, our technology support will take ownership of every training and call, so you can focus on what is truly important, your work with your students.

Easy Monthly Subscription



Per Student Per Month
+ $800 Start Up Fee
($104 per month minimum)

  • All components of the SIS

  • Managed and encrypted hosting

  • Secure backup and data storage

  • Automatic upgrades

  • No add-ons



Initial and Ongoing Training
(Cost of travel not included)

  • Initial training is on-site

  • We will train your whole school: Administrators, teachers, business manager, etc.

  • All components are included in our training program

  • Ongoing training is limitless



Support with a Smile
(We take pride in our service)

  • HelpDesk support for ALL users

  • Complete data conversion

  • Report cards & grade books

  • Grade scales & marking codes

  • Transition to new school year

  • Monthly newsletter & video tutorials