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Meet Our Fantastic Team of SIS Aficionados

Randy Hilleren

In 1999, the FastDirect founder volunteered to assist his own children’s school and soon realized that many schools lacked the necessary tools to properly reach out to families. So, the FastDirect School Information System was created to help schools connect with their community and to improve school management.

Leslie Morse

Since 2005, Leslie has been blessed to be a part of the FastDirect Communications team. For over 10 years her areas of concentration have been sales, on-site training, and HelpDesk support. Working with administrators and teachers is most exciting and rewarding as Leslie finds their dedication to their students and families extraordinary!

Claire Hilleren

Since 2009, Claire has been assisting customers as a HelpDesk Rep. and as Accounting Manager. She finds pleasure in helping customers find relief instead of stress, confidence over inhibition. Teaching others has given Claire joy, and FastDirect Communications allows her this opportunity. The company truly puts the customer first and that is why she continues to give her services, every day.

Kathleen Wickersham

Kathleen has been with FastDirect Communications since 2007. She absolutely loves her job and really enjoys being able to help make our customers happy! As a parent herself, she completely appreciates the roles our schools play in the lives of students and parents. Ultimately, she hopes that her job helps make their lives easier.

Sarah Rogers

In 2009, Sarah joined the team as a HelpDesk guru and designer. Now, she collaborates with development while managing HelpDesk. She loves working HelpDesk because it’s not just tech support, it’s developing relationships and seeing projects through so she can truly help people. She works closely with school administrators and teachers to help make their lives easier. Sarah is honored to witness their passion for education and to provide support, while the whole education community is constantly changing and growing.

Maggie McWay

Since 2014, Maggie has been blessed with the great opportunity to learn from customers, as well as to teach them. She loves working with people and appreciates our customers immensely for challenging her each time she picks up the phone or answers a message. As an aspiring future educator, she is thankful for the opportunity to see day-to-day education from a different perspective.

Dirk Evans

Since 2014, Dirk has been a part of the FastDirect team. Before that, he married Susie in 2012. He has been a serious music collector since he was a kid, and now runs a website of like-minded music collectors. Dirk plays guitar and occasionally improvises with a band. He loves to travel yearly to the Dominican Republic and Europe. In addition to computer science, he studied music composition, theology, philosophy, physics and mathematics. Currently, he has a full household of six adults, a cat, and a dog who keep it continually interesting.

Justin Milligan

Since 2014, Justin has vowed to solve any issues thrown his way in a timely manner, to benefit as many users as possible. He is programmer by day and a father who fights off dragons, ninjas, and other scary beasts with his daughter and lovely wife by night. Justin’s adventures took him to Warrensburg, MO for a degree in graphic design, then lead him back home to Columbia, MO for a degree in computer information systems. He is a loving father who enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Julia Marting

Since 2015, Julia has always loved helping people and truly enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to our customers’ wide range of questions. Graphic design is also a passion of hers. Julia delights in creating fun and engaging graphics for FDimages, blog posts, login pages, and to our newly designed website. She says it is a great feeling to be working alongside such a dedicated and inspiring team here at FastDirect Communications.

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