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November 2016  – A season to give thanks!

November typically involves completing the 1st quarter ReportCards and gearing up for mid-quarter reports for 2nd quarter. Here are some FastDirect functions that may need to be addressed:

  • Closing input for 1st mid-quarter reports
  • Opening up teacher input for 1st quarter ReportCards
  • Closing 1st quarter ReportCards when teachers have finished importing grades

 If your school is printing report cards, keep in mind that you can allow your parents to view them online. This option will save your school time, money and the environment. If a parent signature is needed to verify that they have seen the report cards, then you can create a WildCard field where parents can enter in their initials and the date electronically, letting you know they have viewed the report card.

During ReportCard time, you may discover some changes that will need to be made to the format, layout or to the courses themselves.  ReportCard changes can take up to a week to process so make sure to plan accordingly.

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The FDimage feature allows users to attach an image from a selection of images to any message they send.  We have added an FAQ and a blue question mark to this feature, which allows you to see thumbnail views of all the FDimages available.

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Administrators: Along with the FDimage options available, you can now add your school logo as an FDimage! Contact HelpDesk if you would like to add one or if the one that is currently available at your school needs to be changed.

Teachers: We have made some improvements to the look of the Add/Edit function in Links. These changes should help make adding new links or editing existing links a simpler and more straightforward process.




Parents: With the start of a new school year, you may want to consider a new ScreenName and/or Password!  Changing your log in information is not only a great idea for safety and security but also allows you to customize them to make them more personal and recognizable.

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