September 2022

For most of our schools, the Summer Transition steps have been completed and the new school year is underway. Reviewing your report cards is a very important step and should be completed during these first few weeks of school. This step involves looking over each grade level’s report cards to make sure all courses, sub-categories, grade scale and layouts look correct. When you complete this step early in the school year, you help support your teachers by making sure they have what they need and reduce last minute report card corrections at the end of the grading period. Please note that report card changes can take up to a week to process.

Here are the steps to view a report card:

  1. Go to ‘Grades’
  2. Choose a homeroom instructor in the ‘select instructor’ drop down then click the ‘view instructor’s grade book’ button
  3. Click the button ‘view report cards’
  4. When the homeroom roster appears, click ‘print’ next to any child’s name

Here are the components to review on a report card:

  • Course names
  • Course subcategories
  • Grade scales/marking codes
  • General formatting, for example school header, course list columns, layout

Click here to read the FAQ on how homeroom teachers can view their report cards!

Click here to read the FAQ on how administrators can view report cards!

For most schools, GPA calculations do not always include every course taught at your school. Administrators have to set the weight for courses to be included in the GPA calculations or apply a zero weight for courses to not be included at all.

Here are the steps to view the GPA Calculation Controls:

  1. Go to Grades
  2. Click on GPA Calculation Controls
  3. Enter in the weight for any course.  Determine which courses will need to be included in the GPA calculations, which course that should
    be excluded or if any courses need to have additional weighting
  4. Click Save Changes

Click here to read the FAQ about GPA Calculation Controls.

Click here to watch the video tutorial about GPA Calculation Controls as an MP4!

Click here to watch the video tutorial about GPA Calculation Controls in Youtube!

Looking to save some time in your grade book? You can copy your GradeBook events from one course to another, which is really helpful for teachers who teach the same subject to multiple classes. Here are the steps to copy events:

  1. Open up the grade book for the course that needs the new events copied to it
  2. In the top right hand menu, click on ‘Copy Events’
  3. In the course selection drop down, select the course that has the events you want to copy
  4. When the events appear, check mark which events you want to copy
  5. If needed, change the date of the events (system will default to the current day)
  6. Click ‘Copy Events’
  7. If needed, you are able to edit the newly copied events by clicking on the event name

Assignment Calendars are an essential tool for all parents and guardians! Not only does it provide helpful information but in turn it will strengthen communication between school and home. Did you know that the events a teacher creates in her GradeBook are automatically fed to a student’s assignment calendar?  If a teacher creates events before they occur, the students and parents can be better informed and prepared. The assignments calendar can be found on a parent’s Home screen underneath their FDmail messages.  There will be a black and white grid showing you all the viewing options available for the child’s grades.  One of the columns is labeled ‘Assignment Calendar’.  Click the ‘View’  button and a new window/tab will appear displaying a month’s worth of dates.  The month can be changed so that the parent or student can see a different range of dates.

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