Summer 2019

Here are some great new integrations to consider for the new school year::

#1 – Scheduled Payments in FDpay  In August, we will introduce our Schedule Payment service which will include a space for parents to select a payment schedule option and a space for admin to view, edit, and lock payment schedules. If you have not signed up with PACE please contact HelpDesk as soon as possible so we can answer any of your questions and get you started with online payments!

#2 – ZINGapps  This new integration is with ZINGapps and delivers our FastDirect SIS services inside their app for iPhone and Android users. This synergy will give our schools the convenience of FastDirect within the school app, plus added features such as online sign-up forms and more! They are a great resource for church and school websites too! The cost for ZINGapps and websites will be the same as direct purchase. Visit Zing Apps website for details on their service.

Here are some features that come with ZINGapps:

  • Direct Contact with Parents – Push Notification, Contact Teacher
  • Promote School Events – Event details, status, picture gallery, reminders
  • Online Forms – Absence, Permission Slips, Media Release
  • Fundraising Made Easy – Donation form, School store

#3 – CONCIERGEpad  We are building a new partnership with CONCIERGEpad for secure school sign-in of students, volunteers, visitors plus extended care students. The cost will be the same as direct purchase, plus we will provide level 1 HelpDesk support and software integration with our SIS services. You can find more information here.

Here are some features that come with CONCIERGEpad:

  • Paperless checkin and check out
  • Background checks at check in
  • Student behavior monitoring
  • Visitor arrival notifications
  • Web dashboard and reports
  • Volunteer tracking

To find out more about these integrations with FastDirect Communications, contact HelpDesk to get started.

Check out these new features that have been released this year:

#1 – DEPOSIT AND CHARGES REPORT  The Deposit and Charges Report in Finance has been transformed and we are loving it!  We’ve added search filters to help you pull up the exact information you need. Now you can search by just one family, just one account, just online payments and more!  Here are the steps for how to view the Deposits and Charges Report:

  1. Go to Finance
  2. Click on the button that reads ‘Deposits and Charges Report
  3. Set the filters you need
  4. Click ‘View Report’

Here are the various filters you can choose from:

  • Deposits or Charges
  • Date range
  • Parent/staff account or all parents/staff
  • Specific finance account or all finance accounts
  • Transaction payment type (FDpay, non-FDpay, etc)

You can also choose to check mark the option for Edit mode, which will allow you to change or delete transactions just like before.  Finally, you can also check mark the option for Archives which will pull up any archived transactions within those search parameters.

#2 – REPORT CARD COMMENTS  Comment codes are now available as clickable, customized options for your teachers! If your school uses a set of comment codes for report cards, those comments can now be added to the system and teachers are able to select the comments they need for each student. Here is some important information about the clickable, customized comment codes:

  • Comment codes are supplied by the school and added to the system by FastDirect’s HelpDesk
  • Comment codes can be applied to one grade, several grades, or all grades
  • Teachers simply select from the list of assigned comment codes to be added to a student’s report card

Contact HelpDesk if you are interested in adding clickable, customized comments for your teachers!

#3 – NEW REPORT CARD FORMAT OPTIONS  Does your school have trouble fitting all of the report card content on one page? Are you unhappy with the current report card format?  HelpDesk has the ability to make functional changes to the layout, thus creating a better fitting and more accommodating report card. Contact HelpDesk to see an example or have your report cards re-formatted.

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The start of school can be a crazy time but HelpDesk is here to make it easier. With the start of school quickly approaching, FastDirect wants to make sure your school is ready. In addition to completing the Summer Transition steps, there are several other items to be addressed. To stay on top of the many features and settings that need to be reviewed for the start of school, we have created a checklist for administrators, as well as separate ones for teachers and parents. Click the links below to view the checklists, as well as our FastDirect Summer Timeline!

Click here to view the Administrator Checklist!
Click here to view the Teacher Checklist!
Click here to view the Parent Checklist!

HelpDesk is available to help guide you through these steps – just contact HelpDesk with an FDmail message or call our toll free number 866.805.3116

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