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Third Party Notification: (FastDirect Communications, LLC) is registered in the State of Missouri, as such, we are the application service provider of what we call a “school portal”.

We have developed this “school portal” application with 3 database design objectives; data integrity, security and privacy of information. As an Application Service Provider, we apply practical “best practices” to ensure data integrity, security and privacy of your information.

We use third party web hosting to meet the professional datacenter requirements of our business, specifically to provide 7 by 24 operation, system administration, automatic back up, redundant power, redundant Internet connections, physical security, firewall, intrusion detection and virus protection. Our web hosting partner since August of 2000 is UserWorld, Inc.

The following is a description of the UserWorld, Inc., back up procedure, dated 11/13/2019:

All data is backed up nightly with a full back up done each week. Nightly backups are kept for a minimum of 2 weeks.Weekly backups are taken off site where they are immediately fully restored to test the reliability of our tapes as well as other data restore facilities. We also take monthly backups each month that are kept for 3 years.

Our strategic partners share in our responsibility and commitment to ensure data integrity, security and the privacy of your information.

We collect no personal information about you unless you choose to provide it. If you are asked to submit personal information into a form, then that information will be passed to the secure database. We encourage the use of “strong passwords”. The database uses SSL, secure socket layer, to help ensure the privacy and integrity of information transmitted over the Internet. We do not give or sell personal information to others, nor do we claim ownership of the information within the database, as the data is the property of the clients we serve.


FastDirect Communications, LLC, provides client schools with the appropriate privacy tools for compliance with all known state and federal privacy regulations. This applies to HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), FRPA (Family Rights and Privacy Act) and COPPA ( Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). While FastDirect Communications, LLC, provides security tools and utilities, schools must assert their own policies and procedures to assure appropriate discretion, permissions and compliance to state and federal privacy laws.


While you browse the website our operating system will automatically record the following information:

The name of the domain from which you accessed our website.
The date and time any page on our site was accessed.
The address (also called the URL) of the website from which any page on this site was linked.
However, as discussed above, your identity remains unknown.
The type of browser being used, such as “Netscape Version X.X” or “Internet Explorer Version X.X”.
The type of operating system you use, such as Macintosh, Unix, or Windows.
This tracking system does NOT record information about individuals. This information is used to monitor traffic and improve this site.


Our FastDirect Communications, LLC, messaging service is a secure and private email service known as FDmail. Our secure process includes SSL encryption, message archival and data logging of the time, date, IP address of the sender of all FDmail. School staff can elect to forward the FDmail to public email accounts and/or send as TEXT (SMS150 broadcast which is limited to 150 characters).


ABOUT THIS MESSAGE: Please be aware that email is NOT a secured communication vehicle, and that others may, in certain circumstances, be able to view its contents. Conversely, FastDirect Communications, LLC, and FDmail messages which are not forwarded to email will remain secure and archived for your school administration. This communication is a confidential and proprietary business communication. It is intended solely for the use of the designated recipient(s). If this communication is received in error, please contact the sender and delete this communication. A forwarded message is also sent to the USER account and that is the best place to reply, if a reply is requested by the sender.

If you send FastDirect Communications, LLC, an email from a provider other than FastDirect Communications, LLC, the message will usually contain your return address. If you include personal information in your email, we may use that information in responding to your request. Email is not necessarily secure or confidential. Send only the information that is necessary for us to answer your question or process your request.


Our site provides links to other web sites for your convenience. The privacy policies described here do NOT apply to any external sites. Read the privacy policies of other sites you visit. You are the person best qualified to protect your own privacy. LINKS are intended to be useful, please contact us, if you find any site objectionable.


Our site contains database applications which are protected by USER passwords and SSL, secure socket layer, to help ensure the privacy and integrity of information transmitted over the Internet. We promote the use of strong password practices by the users of our system. The request for a password means you have reached a secure server application reserved for authorized persons. For the protection of authorized persons, the system will record usage statistics, such as, but not limited to the following: user name; time/date; user location by IP address; application usage. System administrators are granted explicit permission to access any and all services for the purpose of problem solving, testing services or legal inquiries.


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Please note, the terms of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use may change at any time, and the use of this site applies to this revision dated November 13, 2019.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, contact

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