Holly Jolly Winner 2018 – Kathleen from Florissant, Missouri

Holly Jolly is FastDirect Communications’ annual holiday contest. Each year we ask our schools to nominate an outstanding FastDirect user. We have received many wonderful nominations and have chosen 10 winners. We wanted to share some of the nominations because they are examples of people who use FastDirect as a great management and communication tool. We want to share stories to help the whole FastDirect community. 

Kathleen’s Nomination:

“[Kathleen] is the best when it comes to FastDirect. She sets up all of the names on FastDirect each year and makes changes when necessary. She also sets up our subjects for grades for each classroom and proofs everything for mistakes. She also communicates through FastDirect to all the teachers for anything they need to turn in. If a problem were ever to arise about FastDirect she is quick to contact FastDirect to fix the problem. She is my Master Fast Director! What makes this even more incredible is the fact that she doesn’t even work here anymore! Kathleen’s husband took another job in another state (we are in Missouri and she is in South Dakota!). The connection between FastDirect people and her must be pretty good – because she has been doing this for 3 years!!! With no pay!!! Kathleen is the Fast Direct Queen!!!”

Best Practices:

  • Configuring the system in the summer to get ready for the new school year.
  • Keeping up with entering and editing family information.
  • Setting up grade books and report cards; including proofing everything.
  • Communicating with teachers through FDmail regarding school business.