The education blog world contains a lot of information and chatter, however, certain voices stand out. Following the blogs that stand out to you is definitely a fun way to learn.  Because we provide a school management system (school information system), we also help schools integrate technology into their daily lives. We see how the whole school community is constantly learning about ways to use technology for productivity and for ways to engage students.

Check out these helpful blogs and perhaps you’ll bookmark a few. Have fun and peruse!

Purely Paperless

Elementary school teacher, Kate Peila shares both her successes and failures in this blog. Her upbeat voice reflects her enthusiastic attitude while she searches for ways to improve. Kate’s writing is about tech tools for today’s classroom, going paperless, and productivity. Last year she landed the Edtech 2013 Must Read award!

“I am hopelessly addicted to personal development and productivity blogs. I am a collector of gadgets and all things nerdy. I love data, statistics, shameless self-promotion, and tech tools. As a career student, ahem, lifelong learner, I have a Master’s Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. I am looking forward to pursuing a doctoral degree in the near future. The lure of new books, untapped knowledge, and school supplies is simply too strong to resist!”

Saving Socrates

Jenni Levi offers up her views on newer education practices and reforms related to tech integration. She was a self proclaimed “chalk and talk” teacher who now enjoys exploring new approaches to classroom instruction. She was also recognized by the Edtech 2013 Must Read award.

“As teachers, we have chosen to be learners for the rest of our lives. This is a career, but it also a calling. This blog provides my views on newer educational practices and reforms related to technology integration. It discusses how and if these ideas enable students to maximize their potential and become more engaged in the learning process while enhancing the rigor of the educational experience. Practitioner and Inventor of Structured Chaos.”

The Innovative Educator

This blog is a great place to look for fresh ideas about how to teach students course material. Created by Lisa Nielsen, who writes for, and speaks to, audiences across the globe about learning innovatively and is frequently covered by local and national media for her views (which include the need for “Passion

[not Data] Driven Learning,” as well as “Thinking Outside the Ban” to harness the power of technology for learning), The Innovative Educator was named Get Degrees 2011’s  “Most Trusted Education Blog,” and it has received many other blogging awards and nominations as well.

“I write this blog to share ideas and resources with teachers, parents, and young people. This community supports those interested in sharing ideas about learning in ways that are innovative and relevant to generation text.”

Free Technology for Teachers

I’ve seen this blog mentioned in several different top education blog lists. Richard Byrne writes daily and provides teachers with free websites and resources that they can use in their classrooms. His free guides are very easy to follow and just one of many helpful tools he provides.

“The purpose of this site is to share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms. This blog has won multiple awards by many publications, and recently in 2010 Free Technology for Teachers was awarded the Edublogs Award for “Best Resource Sharing Blog,” “Best Ed Tech Support,” and “Best Individual Blog.” Free Technology for Teachers is read by an audience of more than 44,000 daily subscribers (as of March 1).”


Edudemic is brimming with content for educators, including technology tips and lesson plans. It’s contributors consistently provide teacher’s guides, edtech reviews, and tons of useful resources for both teachers and students.



What blogs do you reference? Do you consistently visit any education blogs for ideas? We’d love to hear about them!

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Originally posted April, 2014