Education Intentions for the New Year




As you welcome 2016 to your lives, remember to welcome new ideas into the classroom. Here are a few ideas and links to keep things fresh in the coming year. Enjoy!

  • FastDirect Communications tools to try:
  • Intend to… FDmail your parents regularly, inform them on upcoming events, contact them with updates on their child, use FDmail to keep your parents in the know.
  • Intend to… use the GradeBook integration with the FastDirect Communications teacher webpage (BulletinBoards) and Assignment Calendars.
    More info: FastDirect Communications users must log on to view assignments from GradeBook and to view information not available to the general public in both the bulletin board and calendar. Staff can write simple text, upload photos or use a separate HTML editing software to truly customize bulletin boards.


  • Edutech ideas:
  • Intend to…follow more education blogs, and look to other educators to inspire new ideas. (Or even start your own blog!)
    Here are a few resources we like:
  • Practical and pretty ideas for the classroom:


  • Try recording your lessons:
  • Intend to… integrate learning that can be heard at school and reviewed at home.
  • For the little ones:


  • Do you have any great intentions?

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