Monthly Mentions: January Newsletter

January 2017  – A happy new year, indeed!

For the schools who are approaching 2nd quarter report cards, here are some FastDirect functions that may need to be addressed: 

  • Closing input for 2nd mid-quarter reports
  • Opening up teacher input for 2nd quarter report cards
  • Closing teacher input for 2nd quarter report cards when teachers have finished importing grades

The winter season can sometimes mean changes in school schedules and closings because of weather. If your school closes due to inclement weather, you will need to change the Master School Calendar to reflect that those days are non-attendance days. To notify your staff and parents of any closings, late starts or early dismissals, use the FDbroadcast feature. These broadcasts can go directly from the school to the parents’ cell phones and email accounts, keeping everyone informed instantly! Click the Newsletter button to find out more on: 

  • Changing school days
  • FDbroadcast
  • Updates to your Login page
  • Setting up Registration for 2017-2018

FDusers, please go to our full newsletter for the complete list of what’s coming up this month.

We have made some changes to the login box, which will be a big improvement for mobile users and users with multiple accounts.  Saving your login information makes logging in a one-click process!

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Administrators: The WildCard feature for Parents, Students and Staff can be the perfect place to track specific information.  Ordering those WildCards can help keep things clear and organized!

Teachers: With the start of a new year, you may want to consider a new ScreenName and/or Password! Changing your log in information is not only a great idea for safety and security but also allows you to customize them to make them more personal and recognizable.

Parents: The parent BuzzBook (directory) has added the email address for Parent#2, as well as cell phone numbers for all parents.  If your school’s buzz book is not displaying this information, make sure to contact the school office to request that it be added.

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