It’s a new school year! Are you ready? FastDirect Communications has several resources to help you prepare this August: free training and support saves you time and headaches. Schedule training for features you’ve never used before, call HelpDesk (tech support) at your convenience for help with system setup, read our newsletter for important reminders, and peruse our video tutorials for additional help.

We believe in a personalized training approach, which ensures that FastDirect schools succeed in using their school management system to it’s its fullest. The parochial schools we work with each have different needs and different ways in which they use the system. Our personalized care ensures that we tailor training and support for the needs of each school community, rather than a one size fits all approach.

No need to sign up for a webinar, just call HelpDesk at 1-866-805-3116 or send an FDmail message to HelpDesk. We’ll be happy to schedule training for new features or answer any questions you may have.

HelpDesk Support

This time of year, we frequently walk customers through the summer transition process, which allows admin to setup homerooms, graduate students, transfer/remove students, and add applicants. We are also available to any user (admin, staff, and parents) for general FastDirect questions. We’re here at your convenience!


New Admin Training

Call to setup a free one-on-one phone training. Even if you’ve been working with FastDirect for a while, but never had an overview training, this could be a big help.

New-To-You Features

Have you always wanted to take advantage of more features, but didn’t know where to start? Then this could be your year! With HelpDesk available for training and continuing support you can’t go wrong.

Brush Up and Explore

Monthly Mentions Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter includes news on system updates, a checklist of what should be attended to that month, tips and reminders on how to use the system, and links to helpful video tutorials. Subscribe to Monthly Mentions today!

FastDirect Video Tutorials and FAQ’s

Explore our FAQ’s and video tutorial library by going to the FAQ icon from your top navigation bar. You can learn at your own pace and on your own time.