This Thanksgiving I would like to offer up a 7 Day Gratitude Challenge. It’s something that anyone can do, no matter their age.

It’s also a perfect time for me to express gratitude for the amazing schools I get to work with every day. I’m truly blessed to work with¬†administrators, teachers, staff, and parents who are respectful, compassionate, and grateful individuals. I work on HelpDesk (tech support) and I honestly share the FastDirect Communications mission to serve our schools and to help make their lives easier.

The appreciation expressed by our customers is a constant reminder that doing my job helps them (at least a little) and it changes my day for the better. Their appreciation is an important part of why I like my job.


  • Count Your Blessings: record 10 things for which you are grateful¬†
  • Write and Send a Thank You Note To Someone
  • Send Flowers To Your Parents: real flowers are lovely, but a drawing is lovely too!
  • Share a Sweet Treat With Someone
  • Do a Chore For Someone
  • Go On a “Gratitude Walk:” focus on gratitude the entire time
  • Go Throughout The Day Without Complaining: whenever you start to complain, flip it around and find gratitude in the moment

Originally posted November, 2015